Is it the colours you use?

Your logo?

Your dazzling smile in your photos?

While all of these components are important in creating a consistent branding message, THE most important aspect of your website is the words you use.

I know they’re nowhere near as fun as playing with pretty colours, and we often spend much less time thinking about crafting them than we do our logo, but it is our words that draw our audience in.

You website needs to be a carefully constructed tapestry, gently weaving your story together with theirs.

As vulnerable as it can make you feel, sharing some of your history shows your clients that you understand their pain and struggle too. It brings out the humanness in you. At the end of the day, that is what they will connect with, not your certifications.

As Natural Medicine Practitioners, we are often the end of the road.

The last resort.

We are who people turn to when they have tried everything and seen everyone.

They are sick of being poked and prodded.

They want, above all, to be heard.

Your website is the ideal platform to show them that you are there.

Ready to listen.

This is why it’s imperative that you write in a conversational tone. Leave your academic-speak for case studies and journal articles.

Show them you care.

Show them you understand.

Show them you speak their language.

Use the pages of your website to form a deep, intimate connection with your ideal client.

Set the stage for the rapport that you build upon when they come into clinic to see you.

Don’t just run off a list of tests that you run and services you offer. Most other practitioners can offer all of that too.

Show them you.

Only you can offer them you.

You are what makes you different.

You are what makes your Practice special.

You are what will help them overcome their health problems.

You need to share You.

Take your readers on a journey.

Start with their pain, their struggles, their challenges. Show them that you see them. That you understand them. That you “get it”.

Rather than talking about how you can “fix” them, talk to them about the journey you can take them on to bring back their health. Paint a picture of how their life will look after working with you. What will change for them? How will they feel? What will their life look like?

Offer some small hints and tips that they can easily implement along the way. What seems like a small, insignificant baby step for us as Practitioners, can be life changing for someone who has given up hope that their health will ever improve.

Use your blog educate and inspire.

To build hope, but also to instill new habits and practices to move them towards where they want to go.

Use your site as an adjunct to your practice.

Where are your current clients falling of the wagon?

What extra information could you share with them in a brief article to help keep them on track?

  • A quick breakfast smoothie so they don’t take on the day with an empty stomach?
  • A couple of tips for a better night’s sleep?
  • An explanation of blood tests that they don’t understand?
  • The importance of taking their supplements in the morning, and 3 quick tips to help them remember?

Your website is your direct channel to your clients.

Current and future.

Make the most of it!

Use your website to serve your Practice, but also to serve your clients.

Take away the techiness, and see it as a way to make a human connection. To reach out and touch someone who needs your care and support.

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but the keyboard literally allows you to change lives.

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