As Natural Medicine Practitioners, one of the things we pride ourselves on is taking a long-term view of our clients’ health. We don’t do five minute appointments, a script for a pill and “See you in 3 months”. Rather, we take the time to get to really get to know our clients.

What are the root causes of their symptoms?

What are the driving factors?

We take a holistic view and look at so much more than just their presenting symptoms.

When it comes time to prepare a treatment plan, it’s never “Set and forget”. We don’t write a script and then send them on their way. We consider the big picture and prepare an ongoing treatment plan. First we start with this, then once we see some progress, we’ll move on to that. Down the track, once the more pressing symptoms are under control, then we address the root cause to prevent a relapse.
The big question is:

Are you doing this for your practice?

Are you taking a long-term view and preparing a “treatment plan” or are you “popping a pill” to keep things ticking over and then forgetting about it until symptoms like a lack of clients appear again?

So many of us are brilliant practitioners and take wonderful care of our clients. We help them to achieve incredible results with their health, and yet we completely neglect the health of our businesses until they are choking.

What is Your Strategy?

A great place to start, as always is with brainstorming.

But this time, try it a little differently.

Instead of thinking of all the things you feel you “should” be doing, and then writing out a long to-do list of painful tasks, let’s make it a little more fun. Start by thinking about all of the things you love doing in your practice.

  • What lights you up?
  • What type of work do you really enjoy?
  • Which clients do you look forward to seeing the most?

Now brainstorm how you can do more of those activities. If you love working with groups of people, could you run a series of workshops? If you enjoy recipe creation how about writing a cookbook? If you really enjoy working one-on-one with couples trying to conceive, how can you bring more of them into your clinic?

Once you have figured out the type of work that really inspires you, and who your favourite client is, it’s time to let them know about your awesomeness so that they can find you. Because trust me, they are out there actively looking for you! They need help with their problems, they just don’t know where to go for help.

This is where your Practice “Treatment Plan”, or Strategy comes into play.

How can you market your business without a sleazy sales pitch?

Let’s take that icky pressure off of the table right now.

  • What if I said that you don’t actually need a sales pitch?
  • What if all you had to do was speak from your heart about your passion?
  • What if instead of “selling”, you offered help and advice that people could implement straight away to get a small win and improve their health?
  • What if once people found out that you understand their challenges, they asked if they could work with you, rather than you having to convince people all the time that they need your help?

This is the essence of a successful strategy.

Pulling people into your practice rather than pushing your services onto them.

This is easier than ever before!

You now have the power to step into someone’s home and offer them support at the exact moment they are looking for it through your website and social media.

Your website is an incredible platform, both in its ease and affordability to reach out to potential clients who are actively looking for you. You can use it to educate and inform your current patients, display your authority to potential clients, and even use it to connect with referral partners.

The best part is, you can then take a single blog post and repurpose it into your social media posts so you’re not having to reinvent the wheel every day. One blog post can become a week’s worth of facebook articles, a couple of Instagram posts, and even a Pin or two.

By doing this consistently, you’ll soon build up a following of your ideal clients, and then when they are ready to take that step to seek help, you will be the person they turn to.

Not every blog post needs to be a researched, fully referenced piece of academic writing.

In fact, people prefer something that is conversational, relatable, and gives them a small takeaway they can implement themselves. You can share recipes, hints and tips, or the latest tidbit you’ve read about in a journal. How to drink more water, how to remember to take your supplements, how to incorporate more veggies. You get the idea. Think back to your treatment plans that you are writing in clinic. Which suggestions are you making over and over again? Write an article to help your clients stick to their plans.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

In actual fact, it’s better if it’s not!

So what is your Practice’s Treatment Plan?

If you don’t have one, it’s time to stop popping the proverbial pills, and figure out your strategy.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, I’d love to help you map out your content strategy. We can look at your goals for the next 12 months and figure out how to not only display your expertise to potential clients, but also incorporate your upcoming events, product launches, and even your daily services.

Together we can help your potential clients find the answers they are looking for. (Hint, hint…it’s YOU!)

Click the button below and book in for a free chat so that we can prepare your Practice’s Treatment Plan.

It’s time to prescribe you a daily dose of dream clients!