In the last post, we talked about why every Natural Medicine Practitioner needs a website. Today we’re going to take the next step and talk about why you need an Email Service Provider.

First of all, what is an Email Service Provider (ESP)?

An ESP is a program that manages all of your outgoing business emails. If you send an email from your gmail address to lots of people, you can get blacklisted which means your emails won’t be delivered.

Obviously this is not a good thing!

Most ESP’s have a spam filter which improves the deliverability of your emails and helps to prevent you from being blacklisted.

1. Your Emails Look More Professional

When you create your emails in an ESP, you can choose from a selection of templates. This not only makes your emails (and therefore YOU) look more professional, but they also enable you to have a bit of creative fun by adding colours, images, buttons, links to your website and more.

They are a fantastic way to extend your branding as you can use your logo as a header and bring in your business colours for headings, buttons, links etc to portray a consistent image across your practice.

2. Anti-SPAM Laws

In 2003, the first International Anti-spam Act – CAN-SPAM was introduced, followed last year by the introduction of GDPR.

Before you feel overwhelmed, it’s fairly straightforward and it is necessary that you observe only a few simple rules. People must give explicit consent for you to send them email (ie you can’t copy get their email address from their Facebook profile and then start sending them unsolicited email), and you MUST include a way for them to unsubscribe, or opt-out of your emails in EVERY business email you send them. Fortunately, ESP templates include this in the footer.

3. Statistics

Yes, yes, I know, you haven’t given statistics a second thought since high school, but they are very important metrics to your practice. By looking at your email statistics, you can find out a wealth of information – what do your clients want to know about (this can give you ideas for other services and products to offer them), where are people subscribing to your list from (do you need to consider offering Skype consults in addition to your face-to-face practice), and which of the opt-ins on your website are the most popular (again, this gives you an idea of what people want more of).

4. You Can Segment Your List

Say for example, in your practice, you predominantly work with three types of people – women who have hormonal problems, children who have eczema and people with diabetes. If you have come across a fantastic resource to reduce the discomfort of eczema, your women with hormonal problems are not likely to be interested in it. Likewise Mum’s who are tearing their hair out about their child’s eczema may not be interested in the latest findings into diabetes research. Using an ESP makes it easy to segment your list and only send relevant information to your clients.

5. Marketing Tool

Your email list is your strongest marketing tool. You are sending emails to people who already know, like and trust you. This means you already have one foot in the proverbial door when it comes to promoting new services and products. Because they are on your list, they have already indicated that they are interested in what you have to offer – and they want to know more! Gone are the fears of “pushing” sales onto the unwary. These are people who have put up their hand to hear about your business.

6. Funnels

I’m not talking about the ones you use to pour your herbal mixes into the small 200ml bottles here, I’m talking about marketing funnels. With an ESP, you can set up an automated series of emails to go out after someone signs up to your email list which display your expertise and build rapport.

After a few emails where you have shown how much you care about them, you can begin to offer products and services directly to them. This is known as a marketing or sales funnel.

You can start with something as small as an ebook of recipes, and go right up to individualised 12 week programs worth thousands of dollars.

7. They Save Your Precious Time

Best of all, using an ESP saves you precious time. Rather than writing out 20 separate mails to everyone on your detox program, you can write one email (and with one click it will put each person’s name in the salutation so they feel like you have written to them specifically) and send it out to all of them at once. Even better, you can write it on Wednesday afternoon when it’s quiet in the clinic and then schedule it to be sent on Sunday morning at 10am so that it turns up in their inbox when they actually have time to sit down with a cup of tea (herbal of course!) and read it.

Whichever way you look at it, today’s successful Natural Medicine practice must embrace technology. It not only saves you valuable time so that you can focus on your patients more, but it also shows your clients that you are professional.

If you’d like to know more about how to set up an ESP, or you’re after someone to write your emails for you, click the button below and book a free call.

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